Posted on Oct 9, 2018

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How To Detail Your Boat Like A True Professional Part I
Boats are valuable possessions. It’s not (just) that they have resale value, it’s that they enrich our lives. Boats are our ticket to an entirely different world, and they can take us to excitement or relaxation – whatever we prefer. A boat, like any treasured possession, needs proper maintenance to keep it looking its best and performing the way you want it to.

One of your responsibilities as a smart boat owner is to detail your boat when it needs it. The guide presented below will see you well on your way to shining up your boat and restoring it to good-as-new condition. Read on and learn about the importance of using the right cleaning products, protecting your boat’s vinyl and fabric components, and much more!

Step 1: Giving Your Boat A Good Rinse
While individual detailing sessions can vary according to your boat’s needs, almost all of them will start with a good rinse. Spraying your boat with clean water is the fastest, most effective way to blast away dust, grime, and loose debris.

When you rinse your boat, always start at the top and work your way down to the bottom. Don’t worry too much about the state of your boat after you rinse it; this is not intended to be a complete clean all on its own. As long as you knock off the loose debris, you’re making plenty of progress.

You can complete a satisfactory rinse with a basic nozzle on a garden hose.

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