Posted on Dec 13, 2018

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Disposing Of Hazardous Auto Waste Without Environmental Damage

Years and years ago, we used to kill weeds around our garage with old coolant once we’d drained it out. Sometimes we simply dumped it down the sink before flushing out the radiator with water straight from the hose. The used water, chock full of heavy metals, ran down the driveway and into the gutters. These sorts of operations are illegal now. Commercial shops can’t dispose of antifreeze this way, and you shouldn’t either. When it’s time to drain your radiator, catch all of the coolants in a pan with minimal spills. Top it up with water and run the engine long enough to heat up and open the thermostat. After the water’s gotten to every part of the system (a few minutes), drain it and repeat the process. Flushing the system twice will purge all but the tiniest traces of the old coolant from the system. Put the right amount of fresh coolant into the system and use more water to top it up.

Now you face the question of what to do with your used coolant. In a lot of larger shops, recycling distillers are used to pull glycol out of used coolant so that it can be reused. Water is boiled away during this process, reducing all the unwanted material to just a few teaspoonfuls. Check around with shops in your area; one with the necessary equipment will likely accept your old coolant for free.

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