Posted on Oct 9, 2018

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How To Detail Your Boat Like A True Professional Part II
Step 3: Buff It Out
Your boat’s outside should look a lot better after a thorough boat cleaning, although somewhat dull when compared to when you first purchased it. To bring the shine back, you should start working on buffing the surface out by hand or use a rotary buffer in order to eliminate any oxidation and get the boat surface prepared for the waxing part of the overall detailing procedure.

Step 4: Wax On, then Wax Off
To provide your boat with that special showroom shine, you definitely need to apply wax to the surface. Wax not only shines the surface up to make it even more attractive but waxing your boat also protects its surface against grime and debris, which means you won’t need to detail it as frequently. Just as if you are waxing your car, make sure to concentrate only on small areas at once, buffing the wax off as you go until your boat’s exterior is glistening in pristine condition. One important thing to note is specialty boat wax, works a lot better than others that you might buy. That is due to the fact that boat wax is formulated specially to cope with increased water contact that is experienced by boats compared to cars. In order to maintain that newly waxed shine, a speed detailer can be used in between waxes in order to restore shine along with the very important UV protection.

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